HIDE-RATE - Leather Conditioner

HIDE-RATE - Leather Conditioner

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Angelwax HIDE-RATE HUMECTANT LEATHER CONDITIONER has been designed to moisturize the leather in your vehicle.

The drying effects of sunlight and other factors such as general wear & tear can remove the moisture from leather upholstery making it appear tired and faded.

HIDE -RATE contains humectant properties which attract moisture from the atmosphere and draw it into the surface of the leather to ensure it remains soft whilst retaining its natural appearance.

HIDE -RATE has a rich leather odor and contains substances which are designed to restore & rejuvenate leather, thus leaving it looking and feeling natural, soft & supple.


1. For best results, thoroughly clean the leather with HEAVEN FOR LEATHER to ensure the surface to be treated is clean and suitably prepared.

2. Spray HIDE -RATE directly onto the leather and apply with a Big Kid Blocks microfiber cloth ensuring that the desired surface has been treated before allowing the leather to dry naturally.

Top Tip: When cleaning heavily soiled leather, use a soft detailing brush to remove surface contaminants.

8 oz bottle