About Us

Meet Bryce Green, creator and owner of Big Kid Blocks. Bryce has been building cars since he was able to get his first 1968 Mustang at age 16. He graduated from Wyotech and began working at a high-end restoration shop where he worked his way up to Body Shop Manager building award-winning cars featured on Bitchin' Rides. These builds required perfection and Bryce found that bodyworking panels covered in hard and dense materials was inefficient when using a soft sanding block.  He started prototyping hard faced blocks that could provide a flat finish and cut through these hard materials much faster while also providing a more ergonomic design to help with the wrist fatigue and other discomforts that come from sanding minimums of 8 hours a day.  His coworkers were soon fighting over who could use his new block creations and that's when he knew these blocks could provide value to others; que the birth of Big Kid Blocks.  With his wife, Sydney, on board they launched Big Kid Blocks.  What started as a project in the basement quickly grew into a worldwide, mass produced product known in the industry as "lie detectors" that provide a mirror flat finish on any sanding project. Bryce continues to build custom cars in his own shop Big Kid Custom Rides. He is constantly innovating and creating new products as he discovers tools he needs to efficiently get the job done.  We can't wait to see what he comes up with next!