3" Zirconium (Blue) Type 3 Plastic Screw Tip

3" Zirconium (Blue) Type 3 Plastic Screw Tip

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Rhynolock Zirconium Grinding Discs 3"

Sold 25 discs per box

Indasa 3" Zirconium Mini Grinding Locking Discs are designed for high performance grinding and aggressive stock removal, deburring, edge breaking, surface leveling, and mold and cavity grinding. 

Zirconium grain allows superior heat dissipation and excels in high pressure application with longer lasting performance. Features "R-Type" roll-on screw attachment.

Excellent choice for grinding high nickel alloys, titanium and other exotic metals, removing weld and grind through inclusions (such as nodular cast iron) and great on hard composites that wear down other types of abrasive grains.

Suited for use on ferrous metals, exotic metals, stainless steel, metal matrix and composites.


  • Premium Aluminum Oxide with high initial cut and stock removal
  • "R-Type" screw attachment compatible with Lockit, Powerlock III and 3M Rolock TR mounting systems
  • Quick and easy disc change for increased productivity
  • Suited for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics as well as composites


List of substrates on which this product can be used.

  • Old Paint
  • Hard Metal
  • Metal Burrs & Welding Seems
  • Metal


  • General purpose grinding and aggressive stock removal
  • Deburring, edge breaking, surface leveling and blending
  • Use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics as well as composites


  • Aluminum oxide abrasive 
  • Plastic "R-Type" male screw attachment
  • 3" size
  • Sold 25 discs per box



"In Todays custom car building we all have to evolve if we want to be on top of our game so we are always looking at new tools to help us achieve the results we want. Traditional sand methods are okay for most results but if you want perfection, you need better tools. Big Kid Blocks help us to achieve the perfect dead straight results that we are after in our build."

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