Big Kid Blocks Sexy Slider
Big Kid Blocks Sexy Slider

Big Kid Blocks Sexy Slider

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The Big Kid Blocks Sexy Slider is a 1/2" block like you have never seen before!  This 24" long block has been uniquely designed so that you can adjust the Sphere handle positions to wherever feels best for your current project.

All blocks are 2.687" wide.

 Available "Standard" for sticky back sandpaper and with "Hookit Backing" for velcro sandpaper.



"In Todays custom car building we all have to evolve if we want to be on top of our game so we are always looking at new tools to help us achieve the results we want. Traditional sand methods are okay for most results but if you want perfection, you need better tools. Big Kid Blocks help us to achieve the perfect dead straight results that we are after in our build."

Rides By Kam

We specialize in radical custom show cars and trucks. Big Kid Blocks easily handle all of the intricate angles and corners as well as the large panels that make up our build!.

Weaver's Customs

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